Haiti Classrooms Project

Partnership between Wirth Development, the University of Notre Dame, and Bolt Distribution gave this project all of the aspects needed to make this project successful. Each container is an open floor plan laid out with various furniture for the individual need of the location. The containers are refurbished (with flooring, wood paneling, insulation), including 3 fans, ceiling lights, and electrical outlets. Each location is also shipped with its own generator. The exteriors are painted by local artists to invoke the local customs and artwork. Each unit is situated in a rural town in order to bring the necessary services in that community. The use of a shipping container and the specialized doors, windows, and shutters, distributed by Bolt Distribution, allowed for the construction of each container to be done in the USA and shipped by normal shipping to Haiti. Each container is also fitted with solar power, batteries, and a backup generator if needed. The specialized doors, windows, and shutters allow for a secure environment when the units are not in use. The ability to receive the materials and build such a unit is not passible in Haiti. The use of a container gave this project accessibility and ease of installation.

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