With a superior locking system, thicker steel gauges and upgraded hardware as standard, don’t leave things to chance; choose Kirncroft 10-Point Locking Steel Security Doors distributed by Bolt Distribution for your modular, industrial, and commercial projects.

The 10-Point Locking Steel Security Doors come with or without a Triple Glazed Viewing Panel.

Below are some of are some of the specific information that make our 10-Point Locking Steel Security Door the best of quality and durability:


Kirncroft Korestrength steel doors offer the optimum mix of high build, high quality, high material specification and high-quality hardware for an excellent price.



Having been subjected to over 20 years of real-world development, you can be sure that our custom 10-Point locking system will perform when it matters.



Constructed using 1mm of galvanized steel for the door skins, 2mm galvanized steel for the frame, 1mm galvanized steel for the subframe and 10mm galvanized steel rebar reinforcements. Our 10-Point locking doors never fail to impress when resisting physical attacks.



Polyurethane-injected foam insulation to both the door and frame means that our doors offer high performance insulation values and add to the door leaf’s strength and rigidity.



Designed with tolerances that allow for “racking,” our products work seamlessly with modular and container builds.



What hardware is supplied with a 10-Point Locking Door?

Stainless steel lever handle set.

One anti-drill Euro profile 80mm cylinder.

Pre-fitted high-security mulit-point mortice lock.

Stainless steel hinges – The door is supplied with the door pre-hung in the frame.

12 plastic caps for covering the fixing holes.

206 inches of adhesive weather seal.

How many keys are supplied with your cylinders?

Kirncroft 10-Point locking steel security doors are supplied with five keys as standard.

How much do your doors weigh?

Approximately 150lbs.

Do your doors come with a frame?

Kirncroft security doors are pre-hung in the frame with the stainless-steel threshold pre-welded. This allows you to simply take the door out of the packaging and fit it straight in to the aperture.

 Do you offer a top-coat paint finish?

Our door sets are supplied in a RAL 7003 grey primer finish.

Are your sizes including the frame?

The size shown are the overall measurements including the frame.


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